Friday, February 12, 2016

Garfield Sheep

Garfield Sheep is an popular animal game that can be played online at horse-games. Whats better then watching TV Of course- watching TV and eating lasagna! Can it get even better then that Certainly- watching TV, eating lasagna and taking nap between meals! But this game is only about one of his favorite activities- snooze! So, Garfield loves snooze and hes counting sheep, to get his full rest. You will help him by launching a sheep in Garfields bed. Click once on the sheep- to place it into the slingshot, and click again and hold with moving your mouse till the red x marks Garfield, then let go. Each sheep gives Garfield a half hour of rest, but other distractions will destroy his nap if you also dont launch them a sheep, so he lose a half hour. The Moon shows when approaching sunrise, so watch out! He needs nine hours to feel refresh and start over again with TV and eating activities!