Friday, February 12, 2016


Play Skylinks on Horse-Games. One of the Disney most beloved characters, Donald Duck wants to play golf. But like everything else he does, regular golf is not what he is looking for. So he invented a new type of golf, with new rules, scores and golf course, up, up, up in the sky. Press the right or left arrow key to set the shot meter, then press and hold space bar to launch the ball into the hole. Some holes are blocked or locked you have to solve a puzzle to open them. Behold to have multiple numbers in your Bonus tracker and minimum taken strokes. For greater visibility, between holes will appear a Skylinks scorecard, where is table with the levels, par and the number of your strokes. A green box means that you are pro and a red box means that you need more practice. Get three starlinks in one game and youwill open a bonus Skylink level.